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Weight Loss Program


Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

We offer a variety of quality programs designed to help you lose weight safely and effectively and maintain your weight loss long-term. We customize a plan for each patient to accommodate specific medical conditions, physical limitations and personal health goals. 

Our Weight Loss Plans are physician and nutritionist supervised. Our goal is to help you develop a healthier  lifestyle through behavior modification and lifestyle change, so that you lose weight today and keep it off tomorrow.  

Maintaining healthy weight is a journey. There are certain elements of that journey that are standard for all our patients:   

We are going to get to KNOW YOU.   We want to know your medical history, your genetic predispositions, your struggles with your weight and your availability to commit to exercise. We want to know your schedule, your taste preferences and your motivation level so that we can tailor a program just for your needs so that you can reach your goals.   

We will EVALUATE… …where you are right now. You will have your vitals (blood pressure, heart rate and physical measurements) taken. You will have a full body composition analysis performed which will give us valuable information about the makeup of your body. You may need additional testing such as blood work if our physicians determine that it is needed.   

You will get an EDUCATION.  Whether you need to lose weight or just want to make sure that you are eating and exercising right, the core of what we do is provide you with knowledge about  nutrition, fitness and wellness that is specific to your situation. More  importantly, we teach you how to fit these choices into your life. Most of us know that whole foods are a better choice than fast foods, but we don’t always know how easily that can fit into our day on a consistent basis.