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For years my weight had been a challenge and in 2007 I was diagnosed with diabetes. I struggled with the large number of pharmaceuticals recommended by my endocrinologist to deal with my diabetes, and was searching for a natural alternative. In reflection, I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Natalie Colicci. She is a thoughtful and patient medical professional, willing to listen and work with me to create a regimen of food and supplements to accomplish the same outcome as the pharmaceuticals. It was so nice to deal with the issue without my having to worry about the side effects of the drugs. Not only has Dr. Natalie designed a successful weight loss program that fit my individual needs as a vegan, but she has also helped me improve my overall health and well-being. In 2008, I was scared by the diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Dr. Natalie helped me prepare my body, mind, and spirit for surgery, and was by my side through radiation and post surgery with support and understanding as I walked the path to recovery. Thank you, Dr. Colicci. – S.S., Trumbull, CT

I met Dr. Colicci after three years of trying to get pregnant and being depressed. I would not always ovulate on a regular basis and my husband and I had experienced three miscarriages (at 12 weeks, 7 weeks and 5 weeks). We had done the western medicine route of infertility treatments believing that being in my early 30's should not pose a problem. We went through three different fertility clinics and over the three years we did six cycles of clomid, three cycles of IUI and 4 cycles of IVF. Each time everything seemed to be working fine but no pregnancy would result. I also had 2 years of acupuncture, a hysterpingogram, 2 Sonohysterographies, 4 hysterscopies, two surgeries to remove polyps, blood tests for genetic abnormalities and immune issues and an MRI of my uterus. Not to mention the constant ultrasounds, shots and hormone treatments from the infertility treatments. Needless to say i had given up trying to get pregnant. When my husband suggested a naturopath I was skeptical to say the least but I figured what the heck I have tried everything else with no success.

To my surprise I felt better after speaking with Dr. Colicci and doing some basic testing, which was a relief from the invasive testing I had undergone in the last three years. After the initial testing the beginning of January she came up with a plan to follow. I figured I would try it for six months and see what the results were. I started the plan the end of January 2008 and by the end of February that year I felt great, my sadness had lifted, my energy was high and I just felt healthy and unbeknown to me I was pregnant. I was feeling kind off the end of March and decided to do a pregnancy test. I was amazed to see a plus sign. We called the doctor and went in for an ultrasound and it showed a healthy seven 1/2 week old fetus; which was simply amazing! The last two years I had been unable to even get a positive pregnancy test. I was cautiously optimistic and Dr. Colicci helped me come up with a new plan to sustain this new life. After three miscarriages I was a nervous wreck. So when I had bleeding at 13 weeks and then again at 17 weeks I was very scared. Yet each time I saw my ob/gyn and had an ultrasound everything was fine. In addition I had Dr. Colicci support and she would return my call or email promptly. My emails sometimes in the middle of the night. The bleeding never returned after 18 weeks and I ended up carrying my daughter a few days past my due date. My daughter was born on December 8, 2008 at 8:32pm at 6lbs 5oz. She is our miracle.

Dr. Colicci continues to be a pillar of support and when my daughter was sick with a virus and low blood cell count she returned our call promptly and with the help of some homeopathic medicine Maya bounced back in a few days, rather than the expected weeks the doctor thought it might take.  Needless to say I would highly recommend Dr. Colicci to anyone who wants quality individualized personal care.

- HSL - Boston, MA