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Comprehensive Naturopathic Visit

For their initial visit to our office, most patients opt for the comprehensive visit which includes completely tailored nutritional guides, based specifically on not only their medical history, but with consideration of family medical history as well, in order to apply a preventive approach to their health and wellness - click here to read more about our application of individualized nutrition.  

This visit is approximately two hours long, during which time you will meet personally with one of our physicians who will take your complete history and conduct several tests to create a comprehensive health profile. This visit will also consist of a physical examination and consultation.  Based upon the results of your tests, you will receive a personalized diet and cookbook developed for you by your physician and a supplement protocol if indicated by their findings.  Other appointment options are available for those patients not interested in immediate dietary intervention.  To learn more about these appointments please contact the office 203.371.1021.

Here are the steps that need to be completed before your first visit can begin:


1. Blood Testing:  In order for our physicians to individualize your nutritional protocol, it is necessary to identify specific serological markers.  These tests are not part of routine labwork and include ABO, Rhesus, Lewis A Antigens, and Lewis B Antigens.  If you use Quest Diagnostics, the office will place a standing order on file for you.  If using a different lab, the office will mail or fax a lab order to you.  Please be advised - these results are needed PRIOR to your visit.  On average, it takes five business days for results to be received by our office.

2. Routine Labwork:  Please note that you must run these tests if you have not had blood work done within the last year. If you have, please bring along a copy of the results.  Our physicians will add specific lab tests to your standing order if necessary.


Upon scheduling your appointment, the office will mail or email you a packet of health intake forms to be completed. These forms must be returned to our office at least three business days prior to your first visit.  They can be faxed, e-mailed or sent via U.S. mail.  If you choose to mail them, please be sure to retain a copy for your own records. Also, please include a list of medications (including herbs and vitamins) you are currently taking.  


While scheduling your initial visit, it will be determined whether or not a one-hour hydrogen breath test will be administered during your appointment.   This test determines if there is a food malabsorption issue or an overgrowth of bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract contributing to your symptoms.   You may read more about this test by clicking here. This test requires fasting.  You will need to fast approximately 10 hours prior to your appointment.  You may take your medication and water only.  

Your first office visit will consist of the following:


1. Hydrogen breath test (if medically indicated):  Requires fasting.  Used to determine if a patient has malabsorption issues or bacterial overgrowth.  Bacterial overgrowth can cause dyspepsia – ulcers, gas and boating and many other digestive complaints. Hydrogen breath testing is also routinely done on subsequent visits (if needed) to gauge your progress.

2. Fingerprinting: Used to determine genetic patterns imprinted during your fetal development. Also useful for assessing gluten intolerance, malabsorption, and risks for several common diseases.

3. Body Composition Analyzer: This instrument measures body fat, muscle mass, Body Mass Index (BMI), and water balance.  This enables us to determine a baseline for future visits.

4. Vitals signs: Blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, height and weight.

5. PROP Taster Test: This checks for your ‘taster status’, a gene that is used to develop your genetic profile.

6. Biometric Measurements: Measurements are made of your finger length, torso and leg length, jaw angle and head circumference. These allow us to develop your genetic profile.

7. Intake history and physical exam: Our physicians will conduct an in-depth interview with you and perform a physical exam.


1. Customized diet and treatment plan: After collecting all relevant information, our physicians will feed the data into specialized professional nutritional software to produce a personalized diet report, and cookbook specifically for your unique needs.  

2. Supplement Recommendations: Our physicians will discuss any particular nutritional/herbal supplements that she feels may be beneficial for your health.

3.  Naturopathic Modalities:  If indicated, our physicians will make any recommendations for other services to assist in your healing.  

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